Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tehama County Voices its Support for the renewed STATE OF JEFFERSON "movement"!

The wave that has been sweeping through Northern California and Southern Oregon seems to be gaining notice.... now, according to reports around the region locally tagged as "the State of Jefferson", Tehama County has decided to put the proposal regarding "statehood" on its next ballot. Our local paper, the Siskiyou Daily News of Yreka, California, has carried several reports on those counties fighting to be heard, including one that ran last week.

According to that report:
"The Tehama County Board of Supervisors returned to the State of Jefferson question Tuesday and decided to let its constituents choose the county's response by putting the declaration on the June 2014 ballot.
The vote was 4-1. District 5 Supervisor Burt Bundy provided the no vote.
'I'm a very firm believer in the democratic process of voting,' District 2 Supervisor Sandy Bruce said before the board's decision."

What some see as a ridiculous effort by radical rednecks is, perhaps more importantly, a critical assessment of the aggressive and growing role of federal and local government and its implied impact on many, many people in Northern California and Southern Oregon. They see a number of agencies at both local and federal levels as imposing unnecessary and excessive regulations, fees, permit requirements, and even taxes, on an area that is actually struggling to keep up with the rest of America. Indeed, in Siskiyou County, the unemployment rate is above 10% and some would say that does not actually reflect the REAL rate as many of those not included are part-time workers and seasonal workers. 

So who is to say that the cry for recognition is radical? Perhaps it's nothing more than a historic and democratically licensed effort by Americans --  whose voices have, heretofore (as in the past), NOT been heard. What minority hasn't tried to voice its disapproval or protest through our ragged history? What minority hasn't attempted to make a better life for themselves and their children?

Perhaps it would be wise for those in political "power" to begin to listen to these voices...Actually, as The State of Jefferson "movement" moves forward, people may have to truly reassess whether Jefferson State is more than a mythical designation! AND it would do well for all of us to listen!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Move to Expand the "State of Jefferson" is Heard in Tehama County!

The drive to expand the "State of Jefferson" continues to grow......

Now Tehama County is having its say! As reported in the Chico Enterprise Record and Redding Record Searchlight, Tehama County residents and Board of Supervisors has taken up the question of whether to join in the move to create a new state from portions of northern California and southern Oregon.

For more, visit:




According to one spokesman, Tom Knorr, "Northern California will not survive as the fifth wheel of California's train wreck."  Proponents stated that with as much confusion that exists in California's politics, it only makes sense to separate into a 51st state (once the proposed 49th state until the Bombing of Pearl Harbor brought an end to the movement of 1941). 

What will happen? It's hard to predict and yet, it's a hard-earned "dream" that many in the rugged region of Northern California and Southern Oregon seem to share. Perhaps the mythical State of Jefferson is destined to become a real entity!?????

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

REVISITING "How the States Got Their Shapes" and the State of Jefferson - prophetic?!

History Channel's "How the States Got Their Shapes: Culture Clash"... is even more provocative in light of the recent activity in Yreka, CA, and the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors! The following is a post I wrote about appearing on that show......back in 2011:

From 2011....:

"Earlier this spring I had the opportunity to participate in some interviews with the production company, Half Yard Productions, in their survey of The State of Jefferson, for the History Channel's series "How the States Got Their Shapes!"

It was a rainy day and we spent more time waiting for things to happen than seeing things happen. But it was an adventure and certainly time well spent. The episode featuring The State of Jefferson is scheduled to run this month (July).....have heard that some people have seen clips of the upcoming show. That means it must be coming up soon.

As to the State of Jefferson, however, it's interesting to note the growing interest in this region.
There have been more and more people logging on to check it out, asking questions, researching its history. And there is a growing group of people who, locally, are seeking to move the question of the State of Jefferson to more than a question -- they are seeking to get the concept on the ballot, or at least into the public's eye!! We'll have to wait and see what happens.

In another interview, conducted by Serena Travis at Good Morning Scott Valley, I was again asked about the notion of the State of Jefferson. It seems to be a topic of interest to more and more locals as well as out-of-towners. For more check out www.goodmorningscottvalley.com."


With all the recent activity locally about the State of Jefferson, it's pretty interesting that responses have been popping up everywhere on the vote by the county board of supervisors to support the creation of a territory (by 4 - 1)...of course, many of them are nothing more than rants that label Siskiyou County as red-necked and out of touch radicals.....the list goes on and on, including Huffington Post and SF Chronicle???

For a local press release from Siskiyou Daily News, see: http://www.siskiyoudaily.com/article/20130904/NEWS/130909952/0/SEARCH

The Redding Record Searchlight article:

From CBS:

News for state of jefferson , supervisors

San Francisco Chronicle
  1. CBS Local ‎- 6 days ago
    YREKA (CBS/AP) – Supervisors in a far Northern California county ...The idea to create the separate state of Jefferson goes back decades.

There's even a You-tube on the proposal placed before the Board of Supervisors:

03 Sep 2013 State of Jefferson hearing with Siskiyou County ...

5 days ago - Uploaded by kevstir
Five south Jefferson supervisors heard public testimony on the public's declaration of withdrawal from the ...

Suddenly - what happens here MATTERS??? So many here in this part of the state of felt that little here impresses lawmakers except our resources and what we can be taxed or what we can forfeit! 

Let's hope that people here GET to VOICE their concerns and issues, issues that threaten agriculture/ranching, logging, mining, and the rural lifestyle we all cherish!!?? 

Sunday, July 08, 2012

A NEW BOOK CONTRACT!!! Another State of Jefferson book to be released in 2013~

Can't wait to announce: Bernita Tickner and I were just offered another contract with Arcadia Publishing to write and produce another STATE OF JEFFERSON book, this one to be part of the POSTCARDS series! What a thrill.....especially since we have so much material to include.

Further updates on the book will come in the future. If you have any suggestions on places, people, or items to include (OR if you have vintage postcards!), please let me know. My email: gail@gailjenner.com

Also, more on my books and about me, check out my personal website: www.gailjenner.com

Stay in touch!!!